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A boy at the ocean covers his ears with his hands

Ins and Outs of Ear Infections

Summer is the perfect time for popsicles, vacations and the pool. And nothing can ruin all the fun quite like an ear infection. There are three main kinds of ear infections: swimmer’s ear, middle ear infections…

Eating raw cookie dough can make you sick

Raw dough: A big no, no

Who hasn’t enjoyed a nice spoonful (or two or three) of raw cookie dough at least once? Let’s be honest, it’s practically a rite of passage. Some of my warmest childhood memories involve baking cookies with…

Woman reading a book while sipping coffee

10 Books for Kids on Healthy Living

There’s nothing like a good book to help reinforce an idea with your children, and healthy living is no exception. If you’re looking for some great titles to help encourage healthy eating, fitness and even emotional health…

A sleeping toddler lying in bed

Win the Bedtime Battle

I find it ironic that what I loathed as a child – baths, naps and sleeping in – I now relish as an adult. But, it’s my love of sleep that has led me to be…