Is wine actually good for you?

Is drinking wine good for you? Findings say yes when consumed in moderation.

In honor of National Wine Day today, May 25, I thought to myself…just how healthy is wine? I have read numerous research articles about the health benefits of drinking wine – but I am here to know, can it really make a difference?

In search of finding out my answers of how much is too much? I turned to Teresa Malcolm, MD, an OBGYN at Banner Health Clinic in Surprise, AZ, to get the skinny on this ever so intriguing topic.

“Research suggests moderate consumption of red wine, such as Merlots, Cabernets or Syrahs, may lower your risk for heart disease, but how it works is not completely clear,” explained Dr. Malcolm. “Drinking red wine may boost HDL “good cholesterol” and help prevent LDL “bad cholesterol” from forming.”

Just so we are clear, Dr. Malcolm explained that it isn’t the alcohol in the wine that provides the health benefits but the antioxidants the wine contains because it is made from grapes.

As for the antioxidants, it is resveratrol that has been demonstrated as the most potent antioxidant. It works with Vitamin C enhancing the benefits of the vitamin and provides an anti-clotting effect that prevents formation of blood clots in the blood vessels. It also has been demonstrated to have an anti-cancer effect.

Some of the antioxidants found in red wine, including polyphenols, arthrocyanidins and resveratrol, can also be found in grapes or red grape juice—a non-alcoholic answer to the many benefits of red wine. So if you don’t like wine you can still obtain the health benefits by drinking grape juice.

If you do like red wine, the recommendation by the American Heart Association is no more than one 5 oz glass of wine daily for women; two 5 oz glasses daily for men,” said Dr. Malcolm.

As for me, on this glorious day, I shall enjoy my glass of Merlot and give myself a pat on my back for remembering to stay heart healthy.


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