Why so dry? How to keep your skin and hair hydrated this summer

Dry skin and hair: How to stay hydrated this summer

To help keep my cool, I like to spend my summer days in the air conditioning or the pool. And when I get out of the pool, I’ve noticed I get dry skin and hair — almost as bad as a desert wasteland.

Trevor Thompson, MD, with Banner Health Center – Dermatology said the chlorine in pools is likely the cause.

“Rinsing off and changing out of your swimwear along with use of swim goggles is the best approach to decrease the potential for skin and eye irritation,” Thompson said.

Moisturizers help protect your skin’s natural moisture barrier. While most moisturizers will provide some benefit, the real key is to use the moisturizer with regularity to prevent and reduce the dry skin.

Hair can also become dry from exposure to chlorine and if you’re blonde, or have light-colored highlights, you could end up with green hair if you swim a lot.

“The culprit is copper in the pool,” Dr. Thompson said about the green tint. “Copper in pools due to well water or chemical additives (algaecides) is oxidized by chlorine. After binding with hair proteins, the copper adds a green tint to hair.”

Dr. Thompson said this can be addressed by reducing the pool’s copper content, rinsing your hair after swimming or adding a leave-in hair conditioner to your hair prior to swimming.

All it seems to take is a little before-and-after care to continue to enjoy the pool without dryness or funky-colored tresses.

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