Let’s say thanks: Nurses give all, all year round

The holidays bring out the best (okay, sometimes the worst) in people. But there’s a special group of people who give their best every single day and often receive very little thanks in return – nurses.

We’ve seen some pretty amazing examples of nursing greatness recently. Kelley Johnson, a registered nurse, shared during the recent Miss America pageant how she helped a patient and he in turn helped her. And Christina Tussey, a nurse at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix, was recognized as a National Magnet Nurse of the Year® for her contributions to knowledge, innovation and improvements in the field.

I recently had the opportunity to get to know six nurses who have been bringing their A game to the profession for two generations. It was fascinating to hear their stories – all were different but all had something in common: they wanted to help people.

Kara Snyder knew she wanted to be in the helping profession, but couldn’t figure out how. Then one day a guidance counselor suggested she look into nursing and it all clicked. Kara’s mom, Patti Stumbo, is a nurse and using her as inspiration, Kara has become a success in her own right.

Kacey Young’s mom, Kelly Studer, was a well-known nurse in their community and while Kacey respected that, she wanted to do something different. She tried several paths before realizing that nursing was where she was meant to be too. Today, Kacey is helping deliver babies and making deep connections with families, just like her mom.

And Jackie Marnell knew from the very beginning she wanted to be a nurse like her mom, Marti Marnell. Having listened for years to her mom’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) stories, Jackie now also works in the NICU helping sick babies and their families.

You can read more about these six women’s stories in Innovative Care magazine (page 5) and watch the video below. And if you have the opportunity to thank a nurse, around the holidays or any time of year, please do. A little thanks can go a long way.

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