Go Ask: How much sleep do kids need?

If you have kids, you likely know good sleep guidelines to follow, but chances are you’ve fought a sleep battle. Whether arguing with your partner over who got less sleep (that’s an actual argument that happens, but there is no winner), or trying to get your kids to stay in bed, the struggle. Is. Real.

My oldest is a wake-up-with-the-sun kind of girl, and I swear the later she goes to bed, the earlier she wakes up. My youngest is more the scream-bloody-murder-in-the-middle-of-the-night-until-you-take-me-for-a-drive kind.

Whatever your kid’s personality, at some point you’ve likely wondered: Is he getting enough sleep? Is she sleeping too much?

In our latest Go Ask video, we check in with a few kids to see how much sleep they think they need. We also ask Banner Health Pediatrician Suzanne Nielsen, MD, to weigh in.

For specific sleep guidelines by age, see the breakdown from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Be sure to let us know the funny questions your kids ask and what we can help you answer.

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