5 Must Have Apps for Moms

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I love a good app. I mean phone app not appetizer, although I’ll never turn down a plate of bruschetta. While I’m generally resistant to technology (I just don’t get it!), I have found a few apps on my phone to be invaluable, especially when it comes to navigating momlife.

Here are 5 apps I’m convinced help keep me sane and will do the same for you:

  1. SnipSnap — Gone are the days of me being an extreme couponer. Now, I just don’t have time to clip coupons. Enter SnipSnap, which lets you take a picture of a coupon and then have it scanned in-store. No more loose coupons to sort through. Genius.
  2. SkinnyMom — This app is relatively new to me, but so far, I am really enjoying it. SkinnyMom gives you “the skinny” on healthy living with recipes, workouts and resources. You can even shop for fitness apparel and kitchen gear.
  3. Cozi — After searching through dozens of calendar apps for my phone, I settled on the insanely popular app Cozi. It’s aesthetically pleasing, simple to understand, and syncs with Google calendars. A real winner!
  4. Voxer — One of my best friends convinced me to download this app, and I’m so glad she did. I use it on a daily basis to stay connected with friends — other busy moms who rarely have time to sit down and have a phone conversation without someone coloring on the wall. It’s like a walkie-talkie meets a text, and it’s brilliant.
  5. My Fitness Pal — This app is wildly popular and for good reason. This app helped me lose 15 pounds by allowing me to track daily calorie intake, exercise, calories burned and so much more. I still use it every day to stay on top of my nutrition and fitness goals.

Do you have any apps that you love and use regularly?

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