Natural Remedies for tummy aches

Daughter drinking tea due to stomach ache

“My tummy hurts” is a common phrase heard around my house. Sure, it’s usually spoken around 9 p.m. after my kids have been tucked into bed. Regardless, I never want to ignore my children’s symptoms (even if they are faking a bit).

For a while, I found myself reaching for over-the-counter remedies more often than not. One day, however, while away from home, my daughter experienced a bad stomach ache. I didn’t have any medicine with me, but the house we were visiting had some chamomile tea. I made her a cup with some honey and asked her to sip it. Lo and behold, she felt better in no time.

I realized I was doling out medicine when I could just as easily be offering my kids natural and safe remedies for that ever-present tummy ache. In fact, many natural stomach ache remedies can help soothe tummies, and you may already have them on hand at home.

Natural stomach ache remedies

Tea — As I said, I used chamomile tea and it worked like a charm. Peppermint and ginger teas are also great options to help calm a restless stomach. Add a little honey, and they’ll be more likely to take a sip.

Candy — Candy to help a stomach ache? It’s true! Peppermint candies have been shown to help calm upset tummies. I also like the ginger lollipops originally made for pregnant moms. The ginger, just like in tea, is a great help for unhappy bellies.

Probiotics — Yes, people are still talking about probiotics and for good reason. They help support gut health and can ease a stomach ache. You can regularly offer your children yogurt or purchase a high-quality children’s probiotic.

Heat — I like to draw a warm bath for my kids when they have an upset stomach. The warmth of the water helps relax them and eases their discomfort.

Essential oils — Count me as a fan of essential oils. I have found that they can help relieve many day-to-day discomforts, tummies included. Peppermint oil (do you see a theme here?) or ginger oils work well. I’ve also found success with lavender and cinnamon oils.

Fiber — My daughter had suffered from chronic stomach aches, which turned out to be constipation. Since then, we have adjusted her diet, per her pediatrician’s recommendation, by eliminating dairy and increasing high-fiber vegetables. Items like prunes, raisins, and apricots help her “go” with ease. Oh, and don’t forget to make sure your kiddos are drinking lots of water!

BRAT — Conversely, if you don’t suspect constipation, the BRAT diet can be a huge help for symptoms of nausea or diarrhea. BRAT stands for “banana, rice, applesauce and toast.” All of these foods are low in fiber, but high binding making them especially helpful for when a child is making many trips to the restroom or when eating, in general, sounds unappetizing.

After watching my kids occasionally suffer with stomach aches, I’m happy to report that, with these natural stomach ache remedies at hand, I have not felt the need to administer nearly as much medicine. Instead, when an upset tummy strikes, we make a cup of tea and curl up to read a good book. Maybe it’s the remedies or maybe it’s time with mom, but either way, everyone feels better.

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