How to prepare for surgery: Tips for before and after the procedure

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There I was, sitting in my doctor’s office and being told that I needed surgery. In an instant, a ton of emotions flooded over me.

First, relief that my medical concerns were valid and that a solution was in front of me. Second, anxiety about undergoing the procedure and how much pain/recovery I would have. Next, an overwhelming sadness that my condition had gotten to the point that this was the only solution. And finally, a sudden sense of panic for all the things I had to do.

A little history about me: I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and a history of fibroid tumors. About seven years ago, I had an ovary and fallopian tube surgically removed. Unfortunately, their removal did not entirely solve the problem. My condition had worsened over the past few years, causing other problems such as extreme pain and anemia. It is time to get a total hysterectomy (at the age of 36).

I was excited that this would be the end of a very long and painful journey. “This is a Christmas gift to yourself,” one of my former physicians told me when she heard the news.

So while I was happy that it would soon be taken care of, the thought of all the things I needed to do to prepare for the surgery had my head spinning. My husband is great, and I knew he could handle things. However, I’m the chief administrator for our family. So, I had a lot of ducks to get in a row before the morning I checked into Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center.

I had to do the following to get ready:

  • Prepare my family and home
  • Make sure I was medically cleared and able to pay for my surgery.

Once I had everything ready, I could face my surgery with less anxiety, which goes a long way to healing swiftly.

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